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Test Your


Optimized For Virality

Test Your


Get real analytics, from real people and level up your Content Creator's game.

Also available on Android and iOS

Predicting viral videos has never been so easy.

Step 1

Upload two videos you
want to test against each other.

Step 2

We'll help you set up your controls and variables for best success.

Step 3

TYC will send your video to
1000 REAL people.

Step 4

We analyze their behaviors:
Average Watch Time, Engagement
Rate, Retention, etc.

Step 5

We run the data through our proprietary algorithm and send you the results.

Step 6

Based on the results, post
your winning video OR use the
data to make adjustments

Test Your Content takes a data-driven approach to content optimization backed by real experience testing videos with BILLIONS of views...every month.

We provide detailed insights and analytics to help you create the most engaging and successful videos possible.

Create your Test

Now with two models to choose from.

You asked. We listened.

Choose your preferred model

Single Video

Test a single video to ensure you have the highest virality score.

Multiple Videos

Test multiple edits, multiple opening shots, multiple hooks, multiple captions, and descriptions.


No matter your goals

we have the perfect plan for you

Free Account

$0 / Month

Get started with testing and see immediate feedback

Basic Tests

$14.99 / Month

Entry level creators testing thumbnails for Facebook and Instagram.

Premium Tests

$39.99 / Month

Creators/Influencers looking to create and split-test video edits, thumbnails, and descriptions to maximize video monetization.

All in one place

Manage and track all your video results in one place

Test results include:

  • TYC SCORE – Predict your videos chance of virality
  • Average Watch Time¬†
  • Retention Graph
  • Average Percent Completed
  • Best Video Edit
  • Winning Thumbnail
  • Winning Caption